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Market Segmentation Defined

Fundamentally, market segmentation is the process of dividing a target market into smaller, more defined groups of customers that share similar characteristics such as demographics, interests, purchasing behavior, location, etc. Use segmentation to become a laser-focused target marketer.

Market Segment using GIS Analysis

Our GIS customer and player market segmentation is based on a data driven marketing data-driven approach that includes both internal and external information, such as:

  • 1. Customer locational information
  • 2. Profitability
  • 3. Integration of third party data
  • 4. Life cycle,
  • 5. Discretionary income,
  • 6. Enhanced geographic data
  • 7. Economic Cohorts

Customer Data Enrichment

Customer data enrichment, often refereed to data enhancement, combined with a data driven market segmentation analysis, allowing clients to target specific customers, and non-customers, that match specific products, and services, based on characteristics you might not be tracking. This might include: life-cycle data, occupation, discretionary income, proximity to your offices, profitability, and more.

Benefits of segmentation and data enrichment

Using a data driven approach , means you make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. It helps clients better serve customers, increase sales, improve operations and identify new business opportunities.

Data enrichment can help you target potential customers and understand your best customers better than ever before. GISBanker has established relationships with several third party data providers, including Equifax, Claritas, Data Axle, Hoovers D&B, TransUnion, and Alesso Data.

Moreover, we have the experience and knowledge to select the best data for your project, and provide statistical and analytical assistance to help you create market driven segments, build profiles and models that describe your best customers and the relationship to your products and services.

In order to understand the target audience, we need to identify their demographics as well as their lifestyle patterns. As an example, we have used Equifax Economic Cohorts to append to customer records. This data contains critical household economic data including discretionary household income. With the Equifax data, there are 71 "Economic Cohorts" (market segments) with Key Indicators: Life stage, Income, Spending, and Credit. Each cluster will contain a Demographic Summary, Cluster Description, Economic Summary, Details Demographics Summary, Leisure and Interest Summary, Media Preferences, Attitude Summary and Life Style Summaries

Our proprietary segmentation methodology will incorporate the Equifax Economic Clusters, combine it with in-depth geographic analysis, and target those market segments most likely to achieve your objectives. This can include cross-selling existing customers, identifying existing customers with the potential to increase sales, and building lists of non-customers who meet the market segment profile and geographic location.

The following map is an example, after careful statistical analysis, correlating the market segment with account balance information and locational data and discretionary income data, shows the specific households of non-customers that are targets for this institution.

Market Segment using GIS Analysis

We help you enhance, synthesize and activate customer data, turn sophisticated insights into an understanding of customer needs, personalize the customer experience with the right messages in the right channels, and meaningfully measure performance to optimize marketing spend and customer value

To learn more about customer data enrichment and segmentation click this link: Customer Data Enrichment - If you are trying to talk to everyone, you're not talking to anyone - learn more

Business Composition Analysis

For the financial industry, we also provide a clear insight into the composition of the business or commercial environment in which you compete. We conduct a Firmographic Analysis at the branch level These characteristics can include industry classification, company size, location, revenue, and other metrics that can help to provide a more detailed understanding of a company and its operations. Firmographics are similar to demographics, which are used to describe the characteristics of individuals, but are focused on businesses instead. Our analysis also includes:

  • 1. Complete business profile based on third-party data sources,
  • 2. Your institutions market share by industry,
  • 3. Each branches primary service area,
  • 4. Competition,
  • 5. Gaps in your marketing area and opportunities.
  • As a result, our clients are able to target their best prospects and not waste their marketing and advertising resources.

    For more information on the laser focuses business market analysis click here

    For a sample of a business market summary click here or contact us today!

    Our GIS analysis also helps financial institutions to fulfill some compliance requirements for CRA and HMDA.

    Integrated tracking systems Trade Area Map

    When is a Primary Service Area (PSA)not an Assessment Area

    Every business is in business to make money. This one of the reasons it is important to segment your customers into specific market segments. Each segment is correlated to products and services so that you can laser focus your marketing and advertising dollars, and efforts, on those segments that offer the greatest return on investment (ROI). OUR GIS based analysis enables you to fully understand the dynamics of the geographic markets you serve. Please review the following for OCC Guidelines for banks: learn more

    GISBanker is known for its full services GIS (geographic information systems) support. We work with our clients to help them understand the dynamics of the markets they serve. We are ready to assist in developing these understandings and addressing the strategies and programs necessary to leverage your position in the market and to take full advantage of your market dynamics to increase your "share of wallet". Example - Increase Revenue Reduce Costs

    Our mission is to help your business grow. We are here to increase Marketing ROI, maximize returns and give you the insight to make smarter decisions.

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