BSA / AML Tracking and Analysis


The BSA Tracking System is a single source solution that provides bankers with an easy to use – end-to-end compliance tool for BSA/AML Compliance. EVERYTHING is included with your purchase – there are no extras. Everything is customized to your institution – we don’t believe in one size fits all.

The BSA Tracker is built around the concept of functional cohesion which links all aspect of the BSA Tracker together in a use centric format that allows the Tracker to be completely integrated. This saves time, money and reduces the number of logs, excel files and the number of programs needed to comply with BSA/AML regulations. The Tracker is a single source solution – everything included.

Get Accuracy, Insight and Peace of Mind with the BSA Tracker.

The Tracker includes:
  • Daily Alerts based on more than 20 customized scenarios, statistical and holistic reporting – learn more
  • Fraud and Anomaly Detection, – learn more
  • Unlimited Ad-hoc reporting, both statistical and behavioral modeling, – learn more
  • CIP and ID Verification, – learn more
  • EDD/KYC, including Beneficial Owners Certification and tracking – learn more
  • Automated “dynamic” risk rating and new account on-boarding enhanced due diligence – learn more
  • Branch Workshop – learn more
  • Investigator Workshop – Case Management learn more
  • OFAC and watch list Compliance – learn more
  • SAR and CTR E-filing – learn more
  • Legal Process Workshop – learn more
  • MSB Workshop and other specialized workshops designed to track specific high risk customer/members – learn more
  • Training and more
  • Quick overview of the BSA Tracker

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