Geocoded FDIC Branch Deposit Data


Are you aware of the potential advantages your bank can gain from utilizing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) deposit data? FDIC deposit data offers valuable insights that can help banks make informed decisions and improve their overall performance. On this web page, we'll explore some of the key benefits that banks can reap from this valuable resource.

Background FDIC Branch Data

Every year the FDIC updates the national Bank Branch Deposit - SOD data. There are a number of variables in the data that allows users to sort and filter the data. For example: In 2022 there were a total of over 79,224 banks and branches in the dataset. Using the Branch type as a filter, the data can be filtered as a branch type 11- Full Service, brick and mortar office or 12- Full Service, retail office. There are over 79,000 offices across the United States of these types. Using We use Maptitude GIS to summarize this data in a streight forward and easy to understand analysis. As an example, the following map summarizes deposits by offices in Pasadena California.

Pasadena Share of Market

Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

FDIC deposit data provides crucial information about the market share and deposit patterns of banks in a specific region. This data can be used to analyze the competitive landscape and identify potential opportunities for growth and expansion.

Performance Benchmarking

Banks can use FDIC deposit data to compare their performance with that of their peers and industry benchmarks. This information can help banks identify areas where they may be underperforming and take corrective action to improve their results

Targeted Marketing and Customer Acquisition

By analyzing FDIC deposit data, banks can identify trends in customer preferences and target their marketing efforts more effectively. This can help banks attract new customers and retain existing ones, resulting in increased deposits and revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions

FDIC deposit data can be a valuable resource for banks considering mergers and acquisitions. By analyzing this data, banks can identify potential acquisition targets and assess the potential impact of a merger on their market share and competitive position.

Regulatory Compliance

FDIC deposit data can help banks ensure they are in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as maintaining adequate capital levels and adhering to deposit insurance rules. By regularly monitoring this data, banks can proactively address any potential compliance issues and avoid costly penalties.

Use this FDIC Insured Branch Deposit Data

Location analysis, to help in Strategic Planning, Market evaluation, Marketing Planning, CRA compliance, community development. Visualize where your banking competition, their located within your market, their share of deposits. This data is a FREE resource for you.

This GIS data is being made available, to help your institution identify, track and plan for your institutions success.

Click here to download this 2019 FDIC Branch Location file download here

Click here to download this 2020 FDIC Branch Location file download here

Click here to download this 2021 FDIC Branch Location file download here

Click here to download this 2022 FDIC Branch Location file download here

Click here to download this 2023 FDIC Branch Location file download here

We are available for assistance in using GIS, these files or provide more detailed analysis integrating multiple datasets to develop a comprehensive understanding, including easy to understand maps. Simply email us.

GISBanker can assist in developing these understandings and addressing the strategies and programs necessary to leverage your position in the market and to take full advantage of your shifting market dynamics and strategic goals.

We provide services that can simultaneously increase your reach into your target markets while saving you time and money and improve your efficiency, all grounded on data. Using GIS technology, combined with years of experience, we help you develop a focused view of your markets based on the most current data.

FDIC Branch Deposit data and Branch Location data is based on the FDIC Branch data for June 2022.

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