6/25/2021 MSB Locations Geo Coded with LAT/LON


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MSBs and Check Cashiers Location Data for BSA and CRA

BSA Compliance - Digital access points are prime targets for fraud. Under BSA Compliance regulations, banks and Credit Unions are responsible, for identifying then tracking transaction patterns for customers classified as check cashers or MSBs. This data is available from

U.S. MSB Locations

CRA Compliance - financial institutions are required, under CRA, to meet the needs of the communities they serve within their assessment areas, especially in low and moderate income (LMI) defined census tracts. Many of the residents in these LMI rely on alternative financial service providers check cashing outlets, payday lenders, pawnshops, rent to own stores, and auto title lenders. While these alternative, nonbank financial service providers offer convenient services and easy access to cash, their services often carry high costs, limiting low income families ability to accumulate assets and establish a credit history.

Alternative financial service providers are disproportionately located in minority, low-income neighborhoods.

ITS-Integrated Tracking Systems is making this list of geo coded check cashing and MSB businesses available for FREE to help institutions understand, locate and assess the impact these businesses have in your assessment areas.

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Integrated Tracking Systems can assist in developing these understandings and addressing the strategies and programs necessary to leverage your position in the market and to take full advantage of your shifting market dynamics and strategic goals.

The MSB location data is based on registration data available from FINCEN.gov.

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