Become Laser Focused on your Trade Areas or Primary Service Areas


When your marketing is targeted, you attract the best prospects and customers. The result is you do not waste your marketing and advertising resources and this leads to higher response rates, reduced expense, and improved ROI.

Integrated Tracking Systems is a premier provider of GIS Mapping Solutions, Analysis, Segmentation, and Data Enhancement.

Our work helps you Become Hyper focused and create stronger marketing messages. We start by creating a data-driven understanding of your primary service or trade area. You'll find geographic elements throughout databases and business applications. The central part of most business decisions we make involves some part of geographic information. Understanding and developing a clear definition of your trade area is one of the first steps to becoming targeted in your marketing efforts.

The benefits of utilizing our analysis and GIS methodology combined with customer data enhancements are that it helps provide bankers with insight into customer's purchasing patterns (account utilization), financial access behavior (channel distribution), and needs opportunities for additional products or services or the opportunity for expansion into new areas.

As a result, you can target your best prospects and not waste your marketing and advertising resources. This leads to improved ROI, higher response rates and reduced expense.

Additionally, a significant benefit of conducting a comprehensive GIS analysis is that it allows financial institutions to fulfill some mandatory compliance requirements for CRA and HMDA and also assist in the institution's strategic planning as well as helping achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Integrated tracking systems Trade Area Map

  1. For banks, defining an effective Primary Service Area (PSA) is critical for successful strategic growth and profitability.
  2. For casinos, defining a primary service areas enhances your success in marketing and player development.
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Integrated Tracking Systems is known for its full services GIS (geographic information systems) research, analysis, and support. Our GIS enables you to fully understand the dynamics of the geographic markets you serve including changing demographics and business characteristics. The primary service area (PSA) has become the cornerstone of effective strategic thinking and recovery from the pandemic. This is especially true now with the re-delineation of census tracts resulting from the 2020 census, shifting populations resulting from the pandemic with changes in the demographics, and changes in the economic environments of states.

Integrated Tracking Systems can assist in developing these understandings and addressing the strategies and programs necessary to leverage your position in the market and to take full advantage of your shifting market dynamics and strategic goals.

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