Use Heat Maps to Analysis Where Clusters of Target Customer Exist


Heat Maps Defined

Heat maps are a way of geographically visualizing locations highlighting areas where patterns of higher than average occurrence of things likes crime activity, traffic accidents, store locations or customers can emerge.

AHeat Map, as well as HotSpot maps, seek to provide a way of representing the density or intensity value of point data by assigning a color gradient to a cluster where the cell color is based on clustering of points or an intensity value. The color gradient usually ranges from cool/cold colors such as hues of blue, to warmer/hot colors such as yellow, orange and hot red. Hot Spot versus Heat Maps, use different statistics Example - Heat Map to achieves a similar result.

With a Heat Map and Hot Spot Maps, the higher the concentration of points (customers or players) in an area the greater the "heat" applied to the scale. When mapping intensity, points are assigned an intensity value, the higher the value the hotter the color assigned to the cluster, with lower intensity values assigned cooler colors.

In the example here, the maps show locations of higher densities of target customers . Red/Yellow indicates areas with the highest concentrations of targeted customers. Green indicates areas of moderate customer concentrations and blues are the lowest levels. The targeted customers were based on a statistical model which looked at a specifically defined market segment, the geographic proximity and discretionary income. The specific market segment was based on:

  • Customer locational information,
  • Profitability
  • Integration of third party data
  • Life cycle
  • Discretionary income
  • Enhanced geographic data
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